• I wanted to share this page with you guys that are interested in studying for the CWNA exam. It has a lot of useful information as well a topics explained, practice questions, and flashcards.

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    Word! Thanks Sean!

  • If anyone would like to participate and write on a CWNA topic for the community please let me know. We would love to have your help. And so would everyone else studying for CWNA. 

  • I just passed CWNA Pw0-105 and I did really well but this was my second attempt.  I had to go back and reread the book, do all of the review questions, read the white papers, do the practice tests until I'm getting 100% AND watch mutiple training videos on youtube. Its not a easy road but its possible.

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    I just took mine today for the 2nd time and unfortunately missed the passing score by 1 question! So frustrating. I did all the practice tests, read the book twice, and did all practice tests at the end of each chapter. Guess I will try to read some white papers. Do you have the links to the ones you read that helped you by chance? Also do you have the YouTube videos as well? 

    Guess I'll take it again next Friday as it will be the last time I can take this version. 



  • Took my test first time today and cleared it. The "CWNA practice questions" that are available for $50.00 are a huge help. It gives you an idea of what type of questions to expect. 

  • Wow Mike, 1 question? That sucks!  Well, I just read the white papers from this site and the ones you can download from the book. I didn't read them the first time. Honestly, I just typed CWNA in the search window and just watched as many as I could. I also read(skimmed)  this book called "Wi-Fi Enabled Healthcare" since I work for a hospital and that helped too.  I hope this Cert pays off because I started preparing in Feb and I just passed yesterday. You will probably see one of the same test because I doubt they made more than 2 versions, they already got you for $350 plus the 50 bucks for the practice test. Good luck!

    I didn't like all the questions about outdoor wireless Bridging and etc...  but that's just me.Plus I'm really debating if I will continue this track because I don't see a lot of Jobs asking for the Higher Certs which tells me that a lot of people aren't really familiar with them yet.

  • Another important point though, I am a MUCH better Wireless Engineer since I started studying. I've already recommended that my dept purchase all the CWNP books so we can have them.  The material is awesome! I just didn't like the test.

  • Thanks for the reply DWIZ. I actually work for a hospital organization myself. 

    Well I have one week left to study before they change the exam on me so wish me luck!

  • Congratulations guys. and Good luck Mike! Feel free to use our resources also at the top of this article. We would love to have your feedback. 

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