• I just passed the CWNA today.  When I say 'just passed' I mean I got 70%   I think I over studied and read too much into some of the questions.  Some I found quite easy while others were a bit tricky.   I'm going to take a short break and enjoy the summer before diving into the next set of exams.

    Laurie C.

  • By Tony - edited: June 25, 2014

    Congratulations Laurie! I also passed the CWNA exam today . Good luck in your next adventure.

  • Well done both of you!

    Laurie my recommendation is don't completely stop for several months. At least do a practice exam from cwna every week. That way what you don't know you can slowly learn and solidify what you do know.

  • Just took mine today and I passed! Just barely but I passed! Third time was a charm for me. LOL. They arent easy, thats for sure

  • Neal, do you have any recommendations on good wireless magazines to subscribe to? I would like to have another source of the latest information, but I'm not sure what magazines are good to read. Thanks. Tony

  • Got mine done today in the nick of time.  Whew!

  • Congratulations to all of the new CWNA's out there.

    3rd time was a charm for me, I passed the CWNA on 6/25, barely - I am not the best test taker, get caught up in stuff - but a pass is a pass - some questions were tricky, it is not an adaptive test - whew - those were rough waters for a few months.

    What a great way to bring pieces of the puzzle together, it was enlightening, informative & I definitely added to my skill-set bag of tools with this cert - which brings me to the next exam tour of duty - CWDP

    FYI- I have been in the Wi-Fi industry working in the Field for quite a few years now - this Cert had been on my to-do list for quite a long time, I have a great job that is very enjoyable, demanding and time consuming, I survey, install & configure Wi-Fi, knowing that a new Book & test was to be deployed and having purchased 2 CWNA books already, I was not about to have to buy another version of the CWNA book although I probably will just for the ac and new updates it will probably have for (n)  - (I will always have my CWNP books for references)

    enjoy the moments...


  • Congratulations, my friend! That's really well done! I must admit that passing an exam has always been easy for me. The real problem is writing works. I have always used when I got a writing task and I think I will continue this practice till my graduation.

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