• What is the purpose to provide 15 minutes time for comments in CWAP exam?

  • By Howard - edited: June 26, 2014

    I've never figured out how to use this time without reducing the time you have to answer questions.  It wasn't explained at all.

    Granted, it is getting close to three years  since I took my last exam, but as  I remember the advertised duration of the test (CWAP) included this comment time, and it was a really rude awakening to get cut off 15 minutes early.   Especially when it looked like it was a longer time due to the difficulty factor of the exam.

    I don't know what it is now.

  • Maybe they have since changed how the time left on the test is displayed?  To me it came across as a block of 15 minutes after the test ends.  That 15 minute block is useful to review the test questions and have a chance to burn a few of them into your memory.   I used it to study the material for those questions again, so that the NEXT time I will pass.

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