• Hi there.

    My situation is:

    For the last 3 years i am working as IT engineer in (ISP).

    My job is to deploy outdoor wieless links (ptp, ptmp) using 5GHz hardware. (a-Z).

    I do have holidays now, my goal is to get cwna till september. Afterwards i am planning

    to continue my cisco path.

    Id like to ask for Your recommendations on new exam.

    Should i wait for cnwa-106 study guide, will it have big difference?

    Or it would be recommended to go through cwna-105 material, and to do

    additional learning (whitepapers in

    At the moment i am half through CWNA official study guide. (3rd ed).

    Some information seems old to me...

    My goal from this cert is to learn required physics of RF, also best practices for

    practical deployment and management of wifi networks.

    Can i achieve this goal, learning towards CWNA?


    English is not my strong side. (Sorry about any mistakes)

    Thank You in advance for you answers.

  • anyone? :)

  • Hi Tomas, The CWNA-105 study guide has over 80% of what you need to pass the CWNA-106 exam.  To fill the gap we suggest you review the free resources listed here
    Good luck!

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