• Since we have a large quantity of erratas for the CWAP Study Guide and It wont be printed again until next year (2015), do we have plans to at least update the electronic version of the book that can be bought at Amazon? I understand the difficulties to update a printed version but it shouldn't be that complicated to at least release a new version of the electronic format. Any plans? I'm about to start studying to CWAP but I got uncomfortable to buy a book with so many erratas.

  • Hi Flavio,

    All study guide updates are handled through the publisher Wiley Sybex.  I have reached out to them for an answer to your question and will let you know what they say!



  • I look at the bright side as I study the cwap. I figure some things are wrong so I have to prove that whatever it says is right or wrong. This makes me study it harder, question everything, and use other material for everything hehe.

  • Hi,

    Update on CWAP Errata's : Wiley said the ebook renditions of CWAP Study Guide has been updated and republished at  For Kindle users, the updates may take a littel longer to show up.




  • Tks for following up..... are these Erratas also reflected in the exam itself?

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