• I have a PWO-105 Exam Voucher that expires in 2020. can I use it for the new CWNA-106 exam?

  • Since I am in the same situation - I want to approach new exam (PW0-106) and I do have still a voucher for an old one (PW0-105) - I have just checked this with Person VUE - and: YES - you  can pay for new exam with a voucher for an older exam.

  • Thanks, That's good news.

  • OK, next question. Will my access to the now superceded PWO-105 Practice Test be upgraded to the CWNA-106 Practice Test?

  • I am afraid - it will not be upgraded.
    I am in the same situation - so I have already prepared to buy new sets of questions - and actually use both of the sets to prepare to this exam.

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