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    Hi guys,

    can you advise -apart from the official study guide- what study resource would be helpful to pass the exam?

    Thanks in advance. 

  • Hey there. I'm currently studying for the exam, and I'm using the official study guide. Apart from this, download the IEEE 802.11-2007 PDF as this has become a useful reference for me. Finally, you can buy CWDP practise tests on this website - I think its $50. I bought this and I'm using it to validate my own study progress.

    For me, the CWDP book is the best I have bought so far (out of CWNA, CWSP and CWDP). It has really widened my perspective on all things wireless and the different options out there.

    Good luck!


  • Thanks Darren,

    the reason I'm asking because I failed the exam...  i thought there may be another good resource of study.

    I've also bought the practice exam but seriously...  $50 for 60 practice questions???   ridiculous...   

    Now I going to read the study guide again...   thanks anyway!

  • Sorry to hear you didn't pass. I haven't attempted the exam yet so don't know what to expect.

    Yeah, I thought there were more than 60 questions in the practise test :-(

    I've been making my own notes during study, including packet captures and snips from the IEEE standard that are relevant to the exam topics. I'd be happy to share it with you if you like....

  • I've bought the practice exams, and there are only 60 questions available.

  • yeah....   $0.83/question ;)

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    I just passed the CWNA and thinking about the next step, probably CWDP. Given the lack of sample questions, how about a study group where we come up with questions ourselves and posed them to others in the group?

    Anyone interested?


  • Three things you can do to pass the CWDP exam...

    One - Study the book

    Two - Study the book

    Three - Study the book

    EVERYTHING on the exam is found in the various tables, charts, graphs and text from the CWDP book. Don't think what you might personally do when answering the questions - but think... what would someone who never actually did WLAN designs - but read every single word of the book do...

    Then you can pass this exam.

  • Haha, that is so correct. The logic isn't always so clear in the reference questions in the CWDP book. (Not at all saying they are bad, just saying some of them might be subject to a bit of discussion.) 

    I found the exam questions of the CWNA to be a bit more clear than the reference questions of the CWNA, so hopefully the same goes for CWDP when I eventually do the exam..

  • I passed CWNA and CWSP exams and can only confirm statement of Keith : study, study and keep on studying the books.

    Now, I started CWAP.

    How I work? Read book 2 times to understand and memorize, at 3rd time, make a written summary of every chapter. read it 2 more times. Do practical tests. if needed, reread book + summary and redo practical tests.

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