• Looks like you are just a stones throw away from me Charlie, I live in Statesboro. True I don't see many wireless jobs around here.

    I will say that now I am pretty much prepared for CWNA, taking it in February probably, I notice a lot more problems with the way people's equipment is set up.

    Just yesterday I was doing a site survey at our office when I noticed several Access points on channel 2 and 3. The funny thing was, one of them was for a computer store across the road! I don't mean Best Buy either, I mean a computer service store with real technicians.

    At least the job you have gives you experience with wireless a good bit. I don't get a lot of wireless experience, I get more network/desktop/server experience, but I like wireless more. I suppose the experience I get does help in handling wireless issues though.

    Does anybody else have CWNP certs where you work? Or perhaps something like CCWA? If not, I would think you will likely be the best at wireless at your shop, that should help with a raise.

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    Well geez, I would like to get together for a study group or something. Either in person or Skype. You're right, I have attempted to strictly stay in the wireless field but I do provide desktop support, server config, and networking as well. My current employer does a lot of wireless in the area and we provide free WiFi to a couple areas in Savannah and only plan on offering more. 

    To answer your question, no. There isn't a co-worked with a CWNP certification. In matter of fact, during my interview my boss asked about it and I explained it to him. He never heard of it before then. I got the job so I'm sure he looked into it. I was hired on mainly for wireless but am multi-faceted due to the lack of busy projects.

    Currently I have had a couple of Wifi projects, JC Lewis Ford on Abercorn, Fellwood Community Housing project, and Desoto Beach Hotel on Tybee. The toughest of all would be Desoto and this was due in part to the hurricane enforced walls etc. I want to get more into the WISP side of things though. Company wants to seek some rural connectivity in the future and I'm sure with my certs and knowledge of the field I'll be a good fit to slide right in. 

    Feel free to drop me an email so we can exchange numbers and get together sometime. I'd like someone to study with for my CWNA and then my CWDP both of which I am going to sit for this year along with Net+ and possibly CCENT.

  • Hi,

    I Just completed Post graduation (M- Tech) in wireless technology, I need to know that CWTS exam help me to find a job in wifi field.

  • Hi Arav,

    The CWTS is a foundation to build from. It covers the wireless/RF fundamentals and prepares one for the industry. You could then catapult from the CWTS to the CWNA which opens the door to further opportunities in the field. 

  • It looks as if you should already have a lot wireless knowledge.

    I'd advise skipping the CWTS and go straight to CWNA.

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