• By Howard - edited: September 3, 2014

    When you say you were "roaming", do you mean that you were also associated to an SSID, or do you mean "walking"  between the AP's ?

    Don't you just love ambiguity ? :-)

  • I was associated to and SSID and walking between APs throughout that time. But not consistently. I was running iPerf testing on wireless throughput at the same time in a busy wireless environment with lots of APs (not all mine).



  • Mark, with your % retries was this for your client only or for the whole BSS? If I sample just my client I also get very low % retries but my original test was for all (about 20 clients) devices connected to the same AP/SSID (i.e. a BSS). I wanted to take into account all devices to see the bigger picture - including devices on the cell boundary....


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