• I just got back from the testing center.  My goal was a score above 90%, and I got it.  Barely.  Now I’m both numb and caffeinated.

    I plan to do a few posts with resources and tools that helped me pass.  I think it is better to split them into subject areas.  Hopefully other people will add their resources so we can have a few centralized threads.

    One thing that I didn't realize until late in the test.  Since you can't go back, you need to reread your answer before you click next.  I know that is obvious, but I didn't do it.  If I could take it again, after each answer I would take my hands off the keyboard, close my eyes, take a deep breath, then reread the question and answer.  On the practice tests, I missed a couple questions because I decided I knew what the question was asking before I finished reading.  I hope I didn’t do that on the real test.

    And make sure you know all the terms.  Vocabulary is really important.


  • Congrats, Dan, and nice score!  What's next for you?



  • By ComputerX - edited: October 23, 2014

    > What's next for you?

    Well…  As long as you asked…

    After almost 20 years as a sysadmin/network admin/consultant I was burned out.  I have always had a passion for teaching, learning, and people, and I have always loved networking, especially wireless networking.  I want to combine those two loves in a new career.  Travel is a plus.  So far, I think technical instructor and technical marketing engineer are my best matches, but I’m sure there are opportunities out there that I haven’t heard of.  I’m open to pretty much anything that combines people and technology.  I have a gift for making difficult subjects understandable; I want to use that gift.

    I’d appreciate hearing from anyone with advice on how to make the transition, what roles are appropriate, good contacts, opportunities, etc.  This is the second day of my job search, so I’m still getting my bearings.  I’m especially interested in learning which companies I should target, and why.

    I’ve attached a first draft of my personal marketing plan.  Feedback on it would be greatly appreciated.  I need to start sharing it with potential employers.

    Thank you for asking.  I might start another thread specifically asking for help, but the opening certainly nice :-)

    Dan Wright  -

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