• What its the purpose of having an SSID, one character in length, that contains x'00' ?

    Null SSID's are supposed to have a length of zero. 

    Is this some kind of place holder for future networks ?

  • By MikeG - edited: October 23, 2014


    I think that is a valid 1-character long SSID.  I know that some vendors restrict what characters an SSID contains, but I don't think it is in the standard (please correct me if I'm wrong).

    By the way, I lost your business card, but would like to see that acorns-in-a-dish video if you can post the link.


  • Hey Mike.

    You're right, a one byte SSID is legit, but with a x'00' how could you get to it.   I've tried editing my Win-7 Registry, but I can't create it with anything that  have tried.

    It doesn't show up with InSSIDer either, only OmniPeek.

    I think it's either a hacked entry, or a placeholder by a misguided administrator.

    I'm glad you reminded me of the acorns - I just put a entry in the CWNA forum called "Acorns with your soup?"



  • I have read that it has to be an alphanumeric, but 802.11-2012 section includes a mechanism for signaling that the SSID is UTF-8 encoded.

    I want to name a network "£-SÅÑÐ"

  • LOL... I love it.  

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