• Hello,

    Can someone please confirm from the CWNP team the book (paper back)  availability for CWNA PW0-106?  Registered with Amazon for an email update once the book is available but still no news.

    Much appreciated if the team can update for the availability in India.


  • I am taking the training this week (CWNA, though so...

    they shipped me the Official Study Guide which has a new "part number"/book number.

    My sales rep had emailed me saying "did I get the CWNA-106, or did they send the OLDER PW0-106 ?"

    So I have the Sybex paperback book, Fourth Edition, "Exam CWNA-106"

    and it appears to be available NOW at amazon.

  • I got mine from CWNP Store. Delivered by USPS, 2-3 weeks ago.

  • > I got mine from CWNP Store. Delivered by USPS, 2-3 weeks ago.

    What he said.  It is an excellent book.  I read the PW0-105 book while I was waiting for it to be published and the polish in PW0-106 is noticeable.


  • By Howard - edited: October 29, 2014

    My first search on Google for Amazon CWNA PW0-106 came up with the PW0-105 version instead.

    On Amazon itself, it comes up with the correct  -106.  They also list a Kindle version.

    There are also used copies, but I am betting these are all OLDer 105 versions.   Most of these entries are ambiguous - so be careful.

    I had gotten my copy at the CWNP conference.

  • Thanks for your response.

    Amazon India not yet given the date on the availability of the paper back.  Looks like it is delaying a lot by the publications.


  • That's rough.  I did most of my study with the 105 book and Mathew Gast's 802.11ac book.  The week I had with the 106 book made quite a difference.

    You might be stuck with the Kindle version.

  • Hard copy reference is always nice to have.

    While you are waiting to source one, you should keep an eye out. A CWNP eLearning format is pending release for CWNA any time now.

    It now shows up in the store but still shows "Out of Stock":

    You can chime in to the forum thread I started :

    It sounds like this product is designed with people in your logistical situation in mind.

    It would allow you to start learning the content, even if you have to wait some time to source a hardcopy.


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