• Tough! A reading list would be useful self study only used the Sybex study guide. Next stop CWAP.

  • Congratulations !

    I haven't taken the CWDP yet, but I found the CWAP pretty tough.

    Be sure you download the COLOR Spectrum Analyzer screen shots.   The B&W ones in the book are really not much help, especially when you get to the exam.

  • Congratulations! Going through the CWDP Study Guide myself and doing some test questions. Sometimes I think they just run out of alternatives.

    1.13. A customer wanted an outdoor bridge installation between two buildings. They specified frequencies that need to be avoided beforehand. Once the system was installed, they asked why they didn ’ t have coverage for their laptop outside between the buildings. What went wrong?

    A. The antennas have too much gain, thus not allowing enough vertical coverage.

    B. There was a failure to gather all the customer requirements.

    C. The technical specifications of the equipment were not properly understood.

    D. The bridge link is not serving DHCP addresses to the laptop.

    E. The bridge laser alignment flux capacitor needs bananas.

  • Wait, you don't think the flux capacitor requires bananas?


    Also, congratulations on the CWDP pass karlenr


  • Hahaha nice touch, my kind of humor.

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