• Help please...

    Before purchasing the CWNA-106 Online Training course I verified I could access/play the sample eLearning course on my Desktop PC and iPad with no issues.

    However upon purchasing the CWNA-106 Online Training course I can access/play it on my Desktop PC however not on my iPad which is the primary device I want to use for it.

    Is anyone else successfully access and playing the CWNA-106 Online Training course on an iPad?

    Here is a summary of what I am doing:

                - Open a web browser on the iPad  (tried both Safari and Chrome)

                - Login to my account on CWNP.COM

                - Under My Account go to My Lessons

                - Click on the Go to Lesson Link

                - the Articulate player displays the "Can not Access Content" error shown in the attached course.png file

    Additional info 

                 -iPad-3  32GB with iOS 8.1.2

    I would appreciate any advice or assistance on how I might address this issue/situation so I can use my iPad to take the course...



  • Hi Pete,
    We will look into this and get you an answer ASAP.
    V/r, Brad

  • Pete,

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We have resolved the issue and the e-learning should work fully now in either the Safari or Chrome browser on the iPad (and even the iPhone for that matter, though the screen is very small for it). We have removed the iOS app module support because it is problematic with our implementation model according to the e-learning platform vendor.

    The current e-learning is now full HTML5 for support on tablets and other operating systems (such as Linux) that may require it.

    Thanks again for pointing out this flaw and let us know if you have further problems.


  • Tom,

    Thanks for your timely follow-up - appreciated.

    I have verified that I can now access the CWNA eLearning Course on both my iPad and iPhone 6+ now as HTLM-5.

    I no longer get the "download/use Articulate app" popup on the iPad.

    Nice job and thanks again...


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