• Hello i´m looking to purchase the CWNA Elearning but i have some doubts. 

    After purchasing the course for how long the course will be available?

    Is there any limitation to access the course from multiple devices?

    Because were planning to use my free time in college, at work and at home to study.



  • Hi Benetti,
    Once purchased, the CWNA-106 eLearning course will remain in your account.  We have tested it on multiple platforms including PC, MAC, iPad and Android.  If you encounter any problems please contact and we will get it corrected.
    Thanks and good luck!
    V/r, Brad

  • Thank you Brad

  • Benetti,
    You are very welcome!  We have received a lot of great feedback and will be adding features and more quizzes to the CWNA eLearning by the end of this month.  It will be automatically updated in the account of anyone that purchased the CWNA eLearning.
    V/r, Brad

  • Is it possible to purchase the CWNA 106 e-learning by itself? I already have the study guide and the voucher for the exam already

  • Hi Narresh,
    Currently there is no plan to separate the bundle.  We set our pricing below similar products and then decided to include the PT and voucher so in reality we considered them to be free in the bundle.
    V/r, Brad

  • Well since I have all the rest excluding the E-LEARNING Video and like you said it is "almost" free, is there any way  I can get the E-learning , I am in desperate need to finish my CWNA and I would be an advantage to enhance my knowledge with these video..  Please help me here

    Thanks in Advance

  • HI Narresh,

    As Brad mentioned, the eLearning only comes as a bundle and cannot be separated.  On the CWNA certification page there are resources on BYOD and 802.11ac that may help with your studies.

    Best regards,



  • Just a quick question re the e-learning course, how closely does it follow the official study guide?

    I already have the book and was wondering if the e-learning slides would supplement the book, run in the same order etc or even have additional information not in the study guide.

    Many thanks in advance


  • Hi Chris,

    The CWNA online training material (slides) is the same as provided in our instructor led training  (CWNE + CWNT level trainer)

    You can see the official CWNP (CWNA, CWSP, etc.) material here in our classes:

    After following our classes our students have high passing scores  (you can see that on twitter for example  @Globeron)

    Note that the "A" (Administrator) is actually what you learn in a product-vendor class (like Cisco, HP+Aruba, Zebra (aka Motorola), etc.

    how to configure APs, adoption, controllers, etc.

    That's NOT what we teach, Globeron teaches how WiFi works, thus once it has been configured what happens to the WiFi wireless

    network, how do you analyse it, how do you adjust it  (e.g. to get better performance on a WiFi network and also learn what the vendors

    do not tell you).  Thus what is covered:  RF, Spectrum, Protocol, Site Survey, Design, Analysis, Security  (this is more than a beginners

    course, and many students take 2-3 weeks to study before taking the exam). In the instructor led training we include many Enterprise

    level tools, so customers really get experience and not only learning in their own circle of thought (their own experience).

    e.g. a design for a few APs in an enterprise vs an installation with 3500 Access Point in a single building is a different story.

    Online training

    - included: CWNA-106 Exam Voucher for Pearson VUE test center

    - included: CWNA-106 Official Practice Tests (CWNP online - 120 questions)

    - included: CWNA-106 online training (14 Chapters, 400+ online slides with recording)

    - included: additional Globeron CWNA resources and information per chapter (14 chapters)

    Instructor led classes have additional

    - many hands on labs (per chapter), configuring and understanding Wireless.

    - Official CWNA-106 Study Guide (book) -- but you have this one already.

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