• Dear All,

    We are going to take the CWNA Exam at VUE soon.

    We would like to know, what would allow us to do during the test?

    Could we open the book or e-book during the test?. Please advise.

    Thank you.

  • At the testing center, because CWNA is a high stakes exam, you cannot have an open book or any study notes created before entering the exam room. However, testing centers can provide you with a dry erase board and a marker so that you can jot notes or perform calculations.



  • No books, notes, electronics, phones, or even watches allowed in the testing rooms.

    No note taking, cameras, etc.

  • If this answers your question the lady working there even made me leave my pack of tissues on her desk. She gave me a couple of napkins in exchange to deal with my cold during the exam....

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