• Anyone can advice me to simulate at least 100 WLAN clients for testing purpose on laptop.

  • Real AP's or fake ones.    Look for the Linux program called FakeAP, if your just looking to fill up tables and actually connecting to them is not a requirement..

  • One option for simulating multiple stations is to use a kali linux VM and get an adapter that supports multiple virtual interfaces. The Hawking HD45U supports up to 8 interfaces. This means that if you had four of these adapters and four USB ports, you could run four 1 GB kali Linux VMs on a single machine and then through that setup run 36 client stations. Therefore, you would obviously need 13 adapters and 13 VMs to run about 100 virtual stations. They would be fully functioning interfaces through which you could use other kali Linux tools to run simulated traffic.

    As a disclaimer, I have not set this up, but it is certainly a possibility. I doubt a single physical computer could keep up well with 13 VMs and a total of 104 virtual interfaces across 14 adapters, but you might succeed with 2-3 computers. I can try it with three adapters (because that's how many I have in stock) in three VMs on a single computer and see how it goes if you like. That would give me 24 virtual interfaces through a single physical machine. The machine would be an i7 top-of-the-line processor with 32 GB RAM and all SSD drives. Just let me know, I can set it up in about 20 minutes and give you feedback.


  • Thanks for making me aware of the HD45U, Tom.  Just added a couple to my wishlist ;-)

  • Thanks Howard & Tom for your answers.

    Howard,Are these fake APs associate as WLAN clients to real AP?

    Tom,Are we able to achieve real clients with the help of Kali linux VM + HD45U + i7 top-of-the-line processor with 32 GB RAM and all SSD drives?

    Is it possible that i can use HD45U with 1 single laptop and achieve 8 clients.Please shall i get steps/any link to configure same.

  • By Howard - edited: June 21, 2017

    It only generates beacons Probe Requests.   

    Among other things, it was meant to hide real networks from war-drivers.

  • I don't think any of the posts answering the question actually will help with the traffic flows from 100 WLAN clients... how about actually using 100 clients? Just a thought...

  • I know people have used products from Ixia to simulate client traffic however there really is no replacement for real life clients and 100 clients is not that many.

    I would ask what are you trying to achieve, 100 clients on a single AP or 100 clients across multiple APs.

    What is the test methodology? What are you trying to do with the client? Generate a little traffic such as Youtube, web browsing and email or to actually saturate the AP air interface to see how it behaves.

    Also what are the alternatives? Is this a functional requirement demanded by the customer or simply a lab test for your own validation.

    When I have done acceptance testing we have had various numbers of clients actually using the WLAN as part of user acceptance testing in limited roll  outs as this generates real world usage and real world client issues such as incorrect drivers, high utilisation etc all of which need investigating and resolving.

    Developing a test plan with success and fail criteria is part of the WLAN deployment both from a functional failure testing and user testing view point.

  • Thanks everybody for your answers.

    My purpose is to connect 100 clients to AP (which I am testing) in the lab for simple testing....sending traffic is not a requirement because i can use Veriwave box for that purpose.

    I already have 1 roaming testbed with 80-90 real clients and sending different type of traffics in the network....Just want to create one more small setup with 100 simulated clients.(If i can send traffic with simulated clients thats good but not a requirement)

  • Which VeriWave box are you using, and how well is it meeting your needs?

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