• I am not using Veriwave box for testing.I am using 80-90 real clients on system testbed.

    Just curious to use simulated clients on another testbed so asked that question....Even sending traffic is not a requirement.

  • Though it's been more than 2 years that you posted, I just want to let you know the tool to simulate WLAN clients.

    Alethea's SWAT WiCheck is a portable, small form factor, easy to use GUI solution that can emulate up to 256 real clients per box. Scaling it up is as easy as adding the number of boxes. Most of the popular enterprise and consumer application traffic can be generated to test the performance, reliability, scalability of WiFi Infrastructure (Access points, controllers etc) at scale.

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    The Hawking looks very much like Edimax dongles. What is the difference?

  • Do you have a specific EdImax model in mind ?     The one referenced is an older model..

    I have definitely seen Edimax devices re-branded with other companies logos, so it might actually be made by them.

    The way to tell for sure is to find one of the modules (not just a written description) and get its FCC Registration number and/or look up its OUI from its MAC address and look it up in one of the many OUI databases.

    Both Hawking and Edimax have their own OUI's, so the better indicator might be it's FCC registration number.   Finally, you could also read through the reports that Hawking supplied to the FCC.   Sometimes you can tell a lot from the pictures there.

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