• If you are interested to become a wireless professional you want to get the best quality and experience,

    probably you want to get a lot of hands-on experience as well to better understand the concepts and to

    understand the real wireless aspects (not only configuring APs, Controllers, etc, but what really happens

    to the wireless environment).

    Always verify your trainer and official Authorized Learning Provider (ALP) providing instructor led training:

    1.   Verify your trainer CWNT level:

    2.   There are 15x CWNTs at CWNE level for instructor led training (8 in USA, 4 in EMEA and 3 in APAC)

    3.  Worldwide there are only 5x Authorized Learning Partners (ALPs) with in-house CWNT/CWNE level trainers

         (see the picture what an official ALP provides to you as a customer)

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