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    I am just wondering how representative of the real exam question level are the sample tests supplied with the study guide. I am hitting 90% on the end of chapter and full sample tests. I am just scared that cwnp would make these easy in order to help sell their own sample tests?


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    Since I took the test this afternoon I will answer my own question. The sample questions/exams included with the Sybex book are very like the real exam. The exam questions are better worded, less ambiguity. Most of the questions were either select one or two from the list. There we no question that had 'none of the above'.

    Anyway passed with 93%.

    I am in presales - any advice on next exam I should attempt in the CWNP series?


  • When I asked that question, the resounding response was CWAP, which is what I'm studying now. It is the meat and potatoes of how 802.11 works.

  • I love the Sybex CWAP book. If you choose the CWAP I might also suggest "Next Generation Wireless LANs" as alternative reading and study. 

  • Conducting CWNP classes over 10+ years in APAC. Normally we advice customers to do the online practice tests (of CWNP)

    as they are closer to the real exam.  In our instructor led classes everything is packaged together, including the official study guide (book),

    handouts (slides), practice tests and exam voucher) and many labs.   Typically here in the region after CWNA, people do CWSP  (not CWAP).

    Also note that CWAP and CWDP are under revision by CWNP  (and the new CWSP to be released soon). at CWNE/CWNT level  -

  • All the same, online tests are more often recommended, but the questions from the study guide are quite similar. I admit honestly that I even once on since I could not deal with it to the end. Therefore, paying for the assignment was not a bad option. I will also say about CWAP that books are good enough for preparation, but another thing is that not everyone will master their size.

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