• Currently, I have a license for the PW0-204 CWSP online practice tests (pools A through D) which still works. In Feb 2015, I passed the test and have obtained my CWSP certification. When the new CWSP-205 material becomes available, will my existing license allow me to access the test pools for this latest CWSP exam, or will I need to purchase the new book in order to get access to the new online test pools (...assuming on my part that there will be new online CWSP-205 test pools to use)?     Thanks   Reginald

  • HI Reginald,

    Congratulations on passing the CWSP!  To answer your question, you would need to purchase the new study guide and or practice test if you wanted the updated version.



  • Is there a document showing what has changed between the PW0-204 exam and the 205?  ie content removed, content added. 

    Trying to decide if the 204 study guide would be enough to pass it or if I need to wait for and get the 205 one.

  • Yes, we will be releasing a CWSP-205 What's Changed document sometime next week so that you can see the differences.

    For now, know that you should consider security for guest and BYOD more than before. Also, you should be aware of the deprecated security technologies as referenced by 802.11-2012 and 802.11ac.

    For example, HMAC-MD5 is deprecated in 802.11ac-2013/802.11-2012 and both WEP and TKIP are said to be deprecated in 802.11-2012. This means that they will be completely removed from the standard at some future time, but they remain for backward compatibility. Deprecating something, historically, is a big statement within a standard or a system as it is typically not supported within a few revisions. This is why you see many vendors adjusting their interfaces to focus solely on WPA2 (CCMP/AES) with no easy option to implement TKIP (though it can still be done on most enterprise gear, with some requiring that you now use a command line interface to enable it).



  • I would not use an old book with a new exam.      Sometimes there is just enough different to make the difference between passing and failing - at least that is my experience.

    Speaking of MD5.    When that was deprecated, it took away a useful test tool that client manufacturers had - basic (i.e. dummy) encryption that required a trivial amount of horsepower to implement and could at least test the basic security mechanisms in the client.

    I understand why it was deprecated, but personally I would have preferred they left it in for a few more years.

  • Tom,

    Will the new material be offered on Kindle and iBook ?

  • It will be available for Kindle, yes sir.


  • I have to re-certify until 25th of April 2015, but the entire April the old exam is not available and also no new study guides.

    Hard luck! :-(

    Can you already tell what will be the price of the new book? Will it be available in CWNP shop and on Amazon? Is it planned as ebook only or also as hardbook?

    Thanks, Tony

  • Hi Tony,
    Please contact for info on your specific account.  As for the new CWSP-205 study guide it will be available in all formats for about the same price as the current edition.  It is being produced by CertiTrek Publishing and should be available by the end of April.  Good luck!
    V/r, Brad

  • Hi Tony,

    (Globeron is the Authorized Learning Partner of CWNP for training  and setup the business in APAC and The Netherlands)

    I am running a CWSP-205 --  8-10 April in Breda, The Netherlands with large customers.

    This uses the latest training material (205), however Globeron added many additional wireless security labs, because

    we work with governments, military and other enterprises and other international organisations addressing Cybersecurity

    issues (more than wireless only). Security is important to understand from a practical perspective (not only from the books...the

    books do not tell you all the securty issues).  Also the books do not tell you how to operate a WIPS (Wireless Intrusion Prevention System),

    we will show you 4 systems and how to address wireless security and give you hands-on experience with these solutions.

    My personal view is that is what is expected of a certified CWSP that he has hands-on experience and understands security end-to-end,

    otherwise it is no value any organisation.

    Ronald van Kleunen

    CEO Globeron Pte Ltd / Globeron Security

    Chairman of board for CSOEP certifications

    Board of Advisors for CWNE certifications (CWNP)


    CISM #1117595, CISSP #99801, GIAC #1395658 (GCIH), BICSI #237560,

    CWNE #108, CWNP #307052 (CWNT, Wireless#/CWTS, CWNA, CWSP, CWAP, CWDP, CWNE)

    ITILv2 and ITILv3 #819214, CSOEP #100600 (DataCentre, Infrastructure, Process, Management, Security)

    IRCA ISO/IEC 20000 ITSM (IT Service Management) #01193718,

    IRCA ISO/IEC 27001 ISMS (Security Management) #01193718

    Member itSMF Thailand & Singapore and Member ISACA #697166

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