• I haven't been able to find anything online that addresses all of these.  Best estimates is fine.  It's for training and learning purposes related to WiFi best practices I'm working on.

    Typical Transition Time (in ms)

    No encryption at all




    802.1x local radius

    802.1x remote (offsite WAN radius)

    802.11r enabled WPA2 AES PSK

    802.11r enabled w/802.1x

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    Transition time from what to what!

  • There is a good book, that may have much of what you are looking for.  

    It's "802.11 WLAN Hands on Analysis" by Byron W. Putnam. 

    Don't pay full price for it, because a major premise behind it - a sniffer called LinkFerret and the files that go with it aren't available any longer.

    But its still got a lot in it.

  • Hi Daniel,

    Are you looking for the transition times for a particular platform. Depending on roaming mechanisms being used with certain platforms this will change greatly. Also, the config and design can change this greatly as well.

    Thank you,

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