• Good Afternoon/Good Evening :) ,

    So i was reading the CWTS official study guide and i am unclear about some concepts. 

    Chapter 1

    Review Questions No. 17 and 19

    17 :-Which layer of the OSI model allows for physical address to be converted to logical address ?

    Ans Network. I was under the impression the resolution between Physical and Logical address is done by ARP which is layer 2 correct me if i am wrong. I selected the Network Layer. 

    19 :- Which layer of the OSI model uses physical addresses to deliver data to the destination ?

    Ans Physical . Strange the Physical layer is for transmitting the stream of bit, i was still under the impression the intelligence lies in Layer to of  "...uses physical address to deliver data to the destination ..."  Please help me 


    Bharat C P 

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