• Hi Every one,

    I am new to this 802.11 standards. I am presently going through DFS section. Many regulatory domains require "In service monitoring". May I know what does this exactly mean? Does it asks for detection of radar signal during normal reception of WLAN packets. Is it possible to detect presence of radar signal from the received combination of Radar and WLAN signals with DFS detection threshold of -64dBm (as per regulatory domains).

    Or does it says that WLAN system needs to schedule radar detection during In service monitoring such that AP is in ideal state and does not receive or transmit WLAN packets, so that if any presence of Radar above the threshold can be detected.

    Which of the above perceptions are true as per In service monitoring is considered?? Please help me to have a clear idea with your valuable comments... If available please quote some references.

    As I have been struggling hard, to sort it out what does that actually mean, please help me to resolve it.

    Thank you very much in advance...

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