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  • Hi, I am due to sit my CWTS exam next week and I'm pretty confident about a pass mark.

    I currently work for a Computer security company as a Computer forensic analyst, having moved from computer networking about 12 years back.

    Because of the field we work in, (security) I'm wondering where to go next?

    CWNA or CWSP, I will continue with my forensic work, but will have more opportunity for Wireless/Security work than Wireless/Installation/Administration.

    Is it recommended to do CWNA before CWSP ... or is it a prerequisite.

    Does the CWSP build on the CWNA and it would be a bit of a struggle to jump straight into the CWSP?



  • Hi Chris,

    You will need to start with CWNA as it's a prerequisite for CWSP.

    Good luck on the CWTS exam!


  • I guess this is my answer :

    You can take the CWSP first, however you won't be CWSP certified until you complete the CWNA

    found it in the CWSP forum



  • Thanks Josie... I must have been browsing the forum when you replied.

    But that's least I know which path to study.



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