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    I'm a bit puzzled by when to select either the azimuth plot or elevation plot antennas when using Airmagnet Planner to perform a predictive survey.

    I understand the concept of azimuth and elevation patterns, but I don't quite grasp why you would pick one over the other and when ?  Obviously you have to select an AP/Antenna type when placing APs on the floorplan, but is one for ceiling mounted APs and the other wall mounted ?  If so, which ?!

    Thanks !

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    Also... if anyone's reading this (!), how does the antenna rotation function work in reality ?  When you look at the properties of an AP placed on a map in Airmagnet Survey, you have the option to rotate the antenna using the little slider.  I'm having trouble working out which way is which, for each of the azimuth or elevation plots.  e.g. If I'm looking at an azimuth plot, is the top of the plot the 'front' of the AP ?  What about an elevation plot ? - is the top also the front or is 90 degrees (i.e. to the right) the 'front' ?

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  • An azimuth antenna pattern is selected when the AP is mounted in a horizontal orientation: on the ceiling, on a shelf or flat surface. An elevation pattern is selected when the AP is mounted vertically: on a wall or a pole.

    The orientation aligns with the AP vendors specification of the antenna radial pattern. Typically the datasheet for an AP will overlay the patterns onto an image of the AP, aligning where the 0 degree mark is. We create the antenna patterns to align the same way.

    Hope this helps.

  • Yes - that explains it nicely !  Thankyou very much.

  • There had been a few responses to this post after you originally posted it.   They seem to have disappeared.   Glad you sent your second enquiry.

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