• Hello,

    I'm going to be studying for the CWTS and have ordered the Robert Bartz study guide. I'm really looking forward to it as it's the first field i have chosen to learn about that will not be directly related to my day job.

    I prefer practical activities to compliment book study. Are there any recommended controllers, AP's etc that can be bought to create a lab/test environment to learn in?

    Many Thanks

  • Hi Iain,

    Any brand will do (as CWTS is a vendor neutral training). It is good to understand Enterprise level equipment, or attend one of the vendors webinars

    they give away free APs (and managed by the cloud), look into Cisco Meraki,  Cisco,  HP/Aruba,  AirTightNetworks, Aerohive, Ruckus,  ZebraTechnologies (Motorola) in controller / controller-less, hybrid or cloud based solutions.

    Or attend conferences like #WLPC, #WLPC_EU or #WiFiTrek   (hashtags in twitter) to have tools included in the conference!

    In reality in our classes (like CWNA) we hardly touch the APs, Controllers, but focus on what happens with WiFi once it has been configured

    (we use enterprise class APs that can function as an AP,  or a Sensor or as Virtual Controller as well).

    Many other tools are needed to understand WiFi -- here is a list  (I am currently updating it)

    For self study training also look into:     (customers feedback is that it is very useful).

    and applies for BICSI CEC  

    Best regards,

    Ronald van Kleunen

    Board of Advisors CWNE certification

  • Hi Ronald,

    Thanks for the fast (and comprehensive) reply. This is excellent information. I will take time to go through the linked documentation. My focus will be on the theory to begin with and then move onto the practical application.

    I have an IT background, focusing on enterprise grade VOIP so hopefully I will have the technical aptitude to pick things up.

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