• I am very please to say that I passed the CWNA exam today. 1/2 way through I was not confident but came out with 87% which I think is very respectable.

    This was actually a renewal as I first achieved my CWNA  back in August 2011.

    In this time it feels that with the introduction of HT and VHT the course syllabus has got much broader. 

    My study plan;

    Last time I was fortunate enough to attend a class by David Westcott. As this time was a renewal, I was on my own. The up to date Sybex study guide was not available so I started with the PW0-105 study guide and Matthew Gast's 802.11ac A Survival Guide. And purchased the CWNA-106 Study guide as soon as it was available. Even if you have the new study guide I would still recommend; Matthew Gast's 802.11ac A Survival Guide.

    I also picked up a few white papers and vendor presentations on 802.11ac.

    Like a few others I was disappointed that  CWNP did not honour their promise to keep your practice tests up to date. This turned out to be a blessing, as the CWNA-106 practice tests are limited to two very small pools. And the old PW0-105 practice tests are still very relevant.

    Basically I read the books from cover to cover, and used the practice tests to find my weaknesses. And restudies those.

    A couple of hints I would give;

    • Know your security. 
    • Know your amendments.
    • Practice your RF maths (Math is the US)
    • Answer the Site Survey questions how they want, not what you do!!
    • Read the questions, twice
    • Read the answers, twice

    What next;

    A short break before moving onto a WireShark qualifications and CCNA Wireless

  • Congratulations !

    I agree with reading the questions and answers twice.  

  • A little late on sending out my congratulations, but well done!  I am soon to be taking the 106, but keeping up on my studies as well.

  • In addition the Globeron online training version of CWNA-106 is up-to-date (including HT, VHT)  400+ slides +  recording

    with additional Globeron information per CWNA chapter to make concepts clear:  

  • How do you think the Sybex practice tests were compared to the CWNA practice pools? Also either compared to the real test?

    Budget is limited and only working with the Sybex text at this point.


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    Congrats!!! What is your next step? 

    Oh! I see this is a bit stale thread. BUT congrats anyways!!! 

  • John,

    The practice tests are good representations of the real thing, but don't study to the tests - study to the Official Test Objectives.

    No one book, by itself, is adequate.   Especially for the advanced certs.   So look for white papers, marketing, advertisements, etc.

    You should be getting high 90's on all of the relevant practice tests before you sit for the exam.

    Be aware it's easier to memorize the exam questions, than it is to learn the material.  

    It is unlikely you will see exam questions that are identical with a practice question.  If you think you see one, its probably reworded from the original and has a different answer.

  • Personally I preferred the CWNP practice tests to the Sybex, and they are closer to the exam.

    One way of looking at it $125 for the practice tests is cheaper than £175 + Travel +Time out from work for the exam. So if by using them you can pass first time, they are good value.

    I was disappointed that there are only two question pools, so you do need to be very careful that you are not just learning the questions. If you get a question wrong, or are unsure of your answer. Then study the subject not just the question.

  • Thanks for the responses.

    I am running about mid to high 80's on the Sybex test but have just started using them.  Before that it has been book, chapter tests, and other reading materials as others have suggested.  I use the test to get an idea of the soft spots then hit those areas harder.  Many of my mistakes at this point are more about the way a question is asked rather then the subject matter. 

    I think I will purchase the CWNA tests as well.  Testing twice is expensive as well.


  • The CWNP practice tests ask that questions closer to the way as the exam does.

    Get Pool A to over 95% before moving to Pool B, if you are +90% on your first test on Pool B you are ready.

    Good luck, you will ace it!

    Many of my mistakes at this point are more about the way a question is asked rather then the subject matter. 

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