• Having just bought the latest study guide (Cwsp (R)Certified Wireless Security Professional Official Study Guide PW-205) I have to say I'm somewhat dissapointed.

    It is 336 pages compared to the previous PW 204 version which consisted of 696 pages.

    Having bought the CWTS and CWNA guides by Sybex I think this latest offering, which is being sold at the same price as previous versions is not as good.

    I would have expected test questions as in the other 2 guides, but now assume that I will need to purchase the test questions from here for @$125.

    Or is this guide just a supplement and should also buy the Sybex PW204 study guide???

    Obviously I do not expect to pass the CWSP exam by this book alone... but certainly think that it does not represent good value!

  • Dear Chris,

    Thank you for your feedback. I agree with you as I got the same response back from our customers (we train international

    organisations like ITU (= United Nations), see below the details, but also Military, Enterprises and vendors (Cisco, HP+Aruba,

    Zebra (aka Motorola) and many respected customers).

    Globeron (an Authorized Learning Partner since 2005) provided the 1st commercial CWSP-205 in The Netherlands when

    it was just released and I got the same feedback. Also we got similar feedback from customers in Australia who purchased the

    book and compared it to Sybex 204 version.   Also there is an errata to the book (found by our customers). you can see

    this at twitter @globeron as they responded back to me. Both the management team and author have been informed regarding

    the feedback and is in progress I understood. Also the authors of the Sybex 204 have been involved, but there is not update yet

    when a new Sybex 205 version will come out.

    In the mean time Globeron has corrected these in our online training: 

    Here is feedback from our customer who passed recently the CWSP-205 via our online training:

    If you happen to attend the WLPC conference in Berlin, Europe (27+28 October)

    then Globeron has a special arranagement for a CWSP-205 class (29+30 October):

    We are the leading Wireless Security organisation in APAC, we work closely with ITU (International Telecom Union)

    and IMPACT (CyberSecurity arm of ITU for 152 countries).  Globeron is the industry partner for Wireless Security.

    Next month I run a training for international regulators:

    Best regards,

    Ronald van Kleunen

    CEO Globeron Pte Ltd / Globeron Security


    CISM #1117595, CISSP #99801, GIAC #1395658 (GCIH), BICSI #237560,

    CWNE #108, CWNP #307052 (CWNT, Wireless#/CWTS, CWNA, CWSP, CWAP, CWDP, CWNE)

    WLAN and AirDefense Solution Professional (Wireless Security Monitoring & Management)

    AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer, SiteSurvey, Spectrum Certified Professional (SiteSurvey & Analysis)

    ITILv2 and ITILv3 #819214, CSOEP #100600 (DataCentre, Infrastructure, Process, Management, Security)

    IRCA ISO/IEC 20000 ITSM (IT Service Management) #01193718,

    IRCA ISO/IEC 27001 ISMS (Security Management) #01193718

    Member ISACA #697166

  • New Sybex version of the CWSP book coming up in April 2016

    see minute 4.20 at  WLPC_EU talk ->


  • I don't understand how there can be two 'official' study guides for the same certification? There was a brief mention in the video about the different emphasis that the two authors/editor took but it is not very clear which book prepares us to take the exam. 

  • Hi Michael,
    They are both great books and will be very helpful to you.  As of this year, CertiTrek Publishing is the "official" publisher of CWNP study guides.  As we launch new exams you will see more CertiTrek published books and we will continue to share exam objectives with Wiley Sybex.  Regardless which one you choose they are both great resources.
    V/r, Brad

  • I certainly hope the new books will contain an index.

    Why would anyone leave the index out of a technical book full of acronyms?

  • By Howard - edited: November 28, 2015

    As the CWNP program has advanced, there has been a tendency to put less and less overlap between the materials in each of the individual books.    Overall, I see this as a good thing as the amount of material one must know to understand Wi-Fi has grown tremendously, and it is impossible to put everything into one book..

    I understand the frustration  and $ limitations of my fellow students, but if my observation explains the reason for the reduction in size of the volume, it may be a worthy change. 

    If however, it is the case that there is no index, then I cannot excuse the format.

    As a comparison, one can look at Matthew Gasts' three books.    Each book holds an enormous amount of information, but the second and third titles have no index(s).   I can never hope to match Matthews level of knowledge, but this lacking is a terrible disappointment, and almost ruins a wonderful series.  I truly feel cheated by the missing indexes. 

    Given such a large reduction in the size of the guide, even if it does have an index, I would seriously suggest they reduce the price.

  • I must admit, reading the new CWSP book does not have the same feel as when I read and studied the CWAP and DP Sybex books. Seems like a lack of personality that I liked. The lack of electronic flash cards and test engine certainly does not help either. I don't plan to wait until the new sybex version comes out, but it sure would be nice.

  • Ok, looking at my initial comments I was somewhat surprised at the contents, and to be honest I bit disappointed when comparing with the Sybex editions. 

    HOWEVER... having used Sybex to pass my CWNA, I can actually see the logic behind the narrower more focused content in the latest CWSP 205 book...this new (205) builds upon what you have already learned from the CWNA.

    I also have the Sybex CWSP 204 edition which is a great book, however if you remove the pre test,end of chapter tests, and appendices... then update the content... you do in effect have the new CWSP 205 book.

    The end of chapter tests were a useful feature which I have missed as is the CD...and the cost...well that is a commercial decision.

    So next month I have my CWSP day set yet...probably as late as possible...hopefully both books will have covered everything and I will update this as much as I can after the exam regarding content...without giving too much away!


  • Thanks for the update Chris...

    I was just looking to purchase the CWSP-205 (kindle edition) from Amazon, but paused due to the poor review... However, given what you and others have said on this thread, I think i will go with the 205 study guide.

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