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    I have a client with a multi-storey building, mostly open plan with several small office / meeting rooms, these rooms are sound proofed with varying levels of acoustic insulation, with STC rating of 40 to 51.  Is there any attenuation loss caused by acoustic insulation? or am I correct that Sound is vibration of air particles, where as your wifi signal is EM radiation so loss is negligible?

    The Kit we are deploying is Cisco 3720i

    Thanks for your assistance

  • Everything will cause attenuation, even air, see free space path loss.

    The only way to be sure is to carry out a survey as the thickness may vary, the thicker the greater the attenuation.

  • Some acoustic absorbers look very much like intentional RF absorbers, both in physical appearance and in RF performance..

    The usual way the RF panels are tested is to place the panel at a 45 degree angle between a transmitter and a receiver and measure the loss factor- using a calibrated set up of course.

    The folks at may be able to provide you with some actual data.

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