• Have you looked at the CWNP channel on You Tube? some good stuff.

    I did the e-Learning package which came with additional practice tests, which are different to the Sybex ones.

    Don't fall into the habit of memorizing answers though...which is very easy to do.

    good luck... I'm sure you will do well.


  • Hi Chris

    No i havent done the eLearning, little low on budget at the moment :)

    I have done the following:

    1) CWNA 106 study guide. I think i understood it quite well as i am from an RF background. Read it like 4 times.

    2) Practice tests at the end of chapters: I can score almost 100% on all

    3) Assessment and practice exams from sybex: I can score above 90-95%.

    4) Read whitepapers suggested in the study guide.

    I am not memorizing at all. 

    Not sure why am i a little nervous... :)


  • So was I... just normal behavior :-)

    I got 90 something IIRC and was quite surprised at that!!!

    Studying for CWSP at the moment... Using PWO-204 and PWO-205 study guides.

    And using some Linux distro's to test attacks/monitor the wireless network I have set up.

    (Work get a little annoyed when I "test" the corporate network)

    Good luck


  • Thanks Chris!

    Hope my next comment is I PASSED :)

    And good luck for your CWSP!


  • Most people have problems with the RF concepts needed to understand Wi-Fi, so in that respect your experience will help a lot.

    Time is so short I would concentrate on making sure you understand the material based upon the current Official list of Exam Objectives (which are detailed on this site) .  Look through it and see if you recognize all of the terms mentioned, and go from there.

    There is so much covered in this list that it cannot be covered in any one book.  Google anything you don't know well.  Manufacturers sites like Cisco, Aruba, etc. can be invaluable.

    Several of the white papers on this site, although a little dated, are very good.  For the CWNA I would make sure you read the 802.11 Arbitration paper.   

    Studying to the Objectives is the most important thing.

    Again, Good Luck.

  • I think RF concepts is the easiest part for me as I did masters in RF communication systems.

    Any, how would you rate the CWNA test from 0 to 10 in terms of toughness? :) Typical nervous questions :)


  • Yayyyyyyy i passed with 95% :)))))

    Sooo happy and relieved. 

    Just want to share test experience for people that are going to take it:

    1) Do NOT underestimate CWNA test. You really need to understand the concepts and I would say mind set of the auther as well :)

    2) Find out the deep points in each topic. 

    3) Instead of cramming the answers on practice exams(sybex), go to the book and understand the subject deeply.

    4) What you learn in CWNA-106 book, you will need to implement the concepts on the test.

    This is what i did to prepare:

    1) 4 months of strict preparation. This was the only thing on my mind. However i couldn't give it full time due to on going job. 

    2) Do the practice tests and find out your weak spots. Concentrate on those topics more and more.

    3) Unless you can do more then 95% on the practice exam, don't go for the test.

    4) Read the whitepapers and Wi-Fi alliance website for related topics.

    At last I would say thank you to the CWNA team for preparing such a thorough and professional course!

    Good Luck to everyone else.



  • congratulations !!!

  • Excellent score  !!!!

    Great recommendations too.

    Take a short breather,   and then get on with the rest - which you will find tougher by the way.

    Have you decided on your next cert yet ? 

  • Hi Howard

    Yes i need a little breath :) but i am definitely looking for the next certifications.

    Do we need to go in sequence like CWSP > CWAP > CWDP?

    And yes they would be alot tougher then CWNA but would require more dedication.



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