• For those who have passed the CWTS exam, how did you approach studying for it? I have the study guide and access to practice exams but am not sure of most effective study methods as I am a terrible test taker. 

    Any input would be appreciated! Thanks! 

  • Read the study guide, front to back. Then sit down with the objectives, can you walk through that list and describe each item on the syllabus? If yes, take a practice test and see how you do. If no, read the book again and take better notes! For me, I like to read the book once, then read it a second time taking notes and filling in blanks from the syllabus.


    Blake Krone, CWNE #152

  • Thank you for the great response, Blake! 

    I will try what you suggested.

  • As mentioned elsewhere, study to the Official Objectives - not  just the book or the sample questions.

  • Another good point. Thanks, Howard! 

    Do you think I could pass in 2 months of study? 

  • How much do you work with the technology? What is your role within the market?

  • Blake: 

    I currently work for a WISP and I provision routers primarily for our residential wireless customers.

  • It's obviously easier when you are around the technology because you get used to hearing the terminology used. I wouldn't say 2 months is a stretch by any means, but you need to be committed to it and put in the time. Back when I took the CWTS in 2012 I had already been working with wireless for over 10 years, so I just read the book and went and sat it. Having been around the technology made it a lot easier. 

  • How much time per day/week do you suggest putting in? 

  • That really depends on you and your level. As an example the two weeks leading up to my CWNA refresh I spent close to 6 hours a day on going over the material, somedays more, somedays less.

    I think you should be putting in a min of 10 hours a week.

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