• Hi:

    Are the Wave 2 AP Extreme Networks compatibility with Client Wave 1? How much compatibility ... (100%, 90%)?

    Which manufacture o brand Client Wave 2 are compatibility with the Wave 2 AP function or you tested with it?


    Erick Lobo

  • The main differences will be on total bandwidth, and Mu-Mimo support.

    I suggest you look at the Wi-Fi Alliance Website for its  "advanced search"  option to find compatible products.

  • Hi Howard, do you find the Wave 2 -Client (not Wave 1 -client ) ?


    Erick Lobo

  • Erik, it appears I spoke too soon.

    The WFA 802.11ac Wave 2 MRD, which the WFA calls "/ac R2" came out April-June last year.   Based upon what I find now on the member's site, it seems that they are not going to set up a separate search category for R2 devices.  (darn)

    It is also not clear that if R2 certified devices will be indicated as such on the certificate entries on their Website.   They are planning on a cut-over period  (which has not yet been defined) for R1 to R2..   At first we may only be able to tell from an undefined certification date.   I would expect some kind of an indicator, even if it is  obscure to the public.

    In addition, even though some gear like the Linksys AC2600, (which does have a WFA 802.11ac certification) claims to support MU-MIMO, the WFA is not yet certifying MU-MIMO.   That is scheduled for approximately Q2-2016.

    One thing you have to remember is that not all devices with a particular certification (level) are necessarily shown on the WFA website.   When a device is publicly listed may have little to do with when it was actually certified.   Manufacturers, may for a variety of reasons, choose not to have their device listed.

    It could be that when R2 devices come out, we will see a slough of them all at once.

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