• Hi All,

    Just passed the CWNA and I'm interested now in prepping for the CWDP-302.  I typically prefer the self-study options but noticed the self study guide for this exam doesn't exactly get great reviews on Amazon.  Does anyone know if Sybex plans on releasing a study guide or other recommended study materials for CWDP?  Thanks in advance.  

  • First of all - Congratulations on your test !

    As to your question, it does not appear that Sybex is producing the latest round of CWNP books.

    The latest CWDP-302  book is from September 2015.  Since CWNP has a 3 year re-do schedule, I would not expect anything else until at least 2018. 

    There is a CWDP e-book from 2016 but a different source, and it is for the previous PW0-250 exam.   It could be a good source, but I doubt it will sell many copies given that it is for an older exam.

    That is not to say that older Wi-Fi books are useless - there are several older books that are still great references.   The most obvious being Matthew Gast's 2002 book 802.11 Wireless Networks: The Definitive Guide.

    Best of luck in your studies.

  • We are in the process of updating that book as well as the CWSP Official Study Guide based on feedback from the community. We value the community feedback and want to ensure that we are providing quality resources to help you with your CWNP certifications and beyond.

    Thanks for checking in,


  • Tom, that's great to hear.  

    Looking forward to it !

  • I have to say this CWDP book is not very good. Tons of typos. When the book is talking about access points and call them "IPs" thats not a good sign. Im very disappointed in this book. the CWNA book was wonderful.

  • Tom,

    Any idea when the updated study guide will be available?  Thanks.

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