• In hotels I use a travel router connected to wall drop then have my own SSID for my wireless network, encrypted and secured. I use 4 wireless devices. When the 24 hours expires (curse Hampton Inns) any device can answer the portal questions. Then the router (registered MAC) is good for another 24 hours. 

    But sometimes only wireless is provided. So how can I commo with the hotel's 2.4 and on my side have a 5GHz secured, encrypted network? It would be a device with two radios. 

    Conceptually think about it this way: It would be the travel router as above but instead of plugging the Ethernet into the router you would plug in a wireless radio. 

  • Whatever the hardware solution, you would still have an open unsecured 2.4 GHz link.  

    Which would also rate limit you.

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