• Thank you to everyone here for their helpful suggestions and advice! 

    Now, to ask for a raise...  

  • Congratulations! Have you decided to start studying for the CWNA or sticking with the CWTS? Good luck on the raise, I'd say you certainly earned it.. but I don't sign your check! :)

  • By Howard - edited: March 29, 2016

    First of all, Congratulations.

    It helps to present your boss with a copy of an industry Salary report for comparison.   Especially if you tell them that you will be advancing further.along the CWNP path.

    Although Wireless is somewhat of a networking sub-specialty, there are industry reports that include the CWNP Certs.

    Although the CWTS is an introductory Cert, it is a good solid start.

  • I am going to be studying for the Network+ exam before continuing on to the CWNA.

    How long is the wait before I can see my certificate?  

  • By JonathanNzF - edited: July 1, 2020

    I hope you've already received it!

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