2.4 GHz ISM band

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  • Why does the CWNA practice test I am using (included with study guide)  say that the 2.4 GHz ISM band is 2.4-2.4835, whereas Wikipedia and the study guide itself says 2.4-2.5 GHz. 

    I'm noticing a lot of questions/answers that don't seem right.  Should I just stop using the practice exams that were included?

  • By Howard - edited: April 20, 2016

    Some sources round up or down for convenience.   Also remember that anyone can contribute/edit Wikipedia entries - no certifications required.

    As an example, and allowing for full bandwidth allocations, one could easily say the range is from 2.401 to  2.495 GHz.

    Personally I refer to it as the 2.4 GHz band, and let the "audience"  worry about the true bounds/limits if they care too.


    It seems some of your posts show up late, but in date-stamp order, here in the Forums.  What gives ?

    P.S.   WikiPedia has lots of information in it, but you should always double check anything found there if the details are truly important.

  • By risshuu - edited: April 19, 2016

    My posts show up late?  I have no idea...

    I see them as posted right after I post them, so... no clue.

  • I am pretty sure that your first 2.4 GHz ISM post was not there on my PC the first time I looked at the list.

    But now that we have both EDIT and DELETE options for our own posts, it could be someone deleted something somewhere, and made the list appear in a different order - only a guess.

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