• Hi

    I had a customer tell me about a wireless detection device they use in their facility that he said they plug into the wall and it will set of an alarm (beeps) if it detects wireless (typical Wifi, 4g)

    He was supposed to send me the make/model/mfg number

    does anyone know about devices like this and where i can find some info?

    we have RMF requirements to detect/monitor for wireless.

    he did mention they had issues with an airlock area when the door would open the device would go off since it picked up the cell phones

    we will be looking at Nessus  as options as well


  • Jails and Prisons are really big on using this technology.   I don't know about plug-into-the wall versions, but take a look at some of these sites.

    Corrections related info & products:

    Berkeley Varitronics is a good source:


    I don't have the url but I also found  a reference to the KJB Security Products DD3001 Cell Phone and GPS Detector.

    Please let us all know what you find is a good fit for your application.

  • Will do

    waiting on the customers input as well, but let me see what you posted


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