• Hi Guys,

    I am looking for CWNA-CH9.PCAP file which is refereed in Chapter 9. I couldn't find it anywhere, can anyone please show me the right way to get it.



  • Hello Rahul,

    I too am looking for it as it is not downloadable yet from the Sybex site. I spoke to a customer service rep today and they will be emailing me once they find the solution. I will report once they respond to me.  In the mean time, you could create your own (which is what I did) and look at the same information utilizing Wireshark.



  • Just received an email from them.

    "Joseph, Please note that we are still gathering files for this newly published title from the authors.We apologize for the delay but you will be notified when the file(s) is available, expected within the next few weeks. Thanks for your interest and patience,JWS"

    So few more weeks it looks.

  • Thanks Joseph. I appreciate your response. I was wondering how can I create my own PCAP file? Can you please guide me .

    One more thing, I found one zip file but I am not sure if its the same. You can find it in below link. If you go down in this link in Download section you will find it.,miniSiteCd-SYBEX.html



  • You can create your own .pcap file by using Wireshark, an open source (free) protocol analyzer.  That download is for the Sybex flash cards and study guide.  I downloaded it as well and it had no .pcaps in it.

    Go to for the download.

  • I uploaded a zip file. Please have a look and let me know if it is the same which we are looking for.

  • That might be the one for this.  It doesn't show probe requests/responses, associations, disassociations/deauths.

  • I downloaded the same one from Wiley's website and was able to follow along with the reading. 

  • The Sybex site apparently no longer offers this file, and has no replacement for it. It does not seem to be anywhere else downloadable, so I guess those of us using the Sybex CWNA books are out of luck. Lesson learned: Don't trust Sybex.

  • I just followed the link posted above, reposted here, and it worked for me. We have nothing to do with the support of the Sybex books, but it does seem the file is still at this link:,miniSiteCd-SYBEX.html

    Scroll down the page to the Downloads section.

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