• Hi Tom,

    I have ordered your new released version of CWDP study guide through a suppler and ..... 

    When I received the book I was happy to say the least, but then. I quickly browsed through the book to get that new book smell....., that's until I saw the quality of the print; specially the images.

    It looks like the printer ran out of toner because the images are faded while on the other hand the text on the pages are dark glossy (shinny) print making the reading of the text not an easy task straining my eyes to read. 

    Could you please be so kind as to try and resolve this as I would like to prepare for my exam before December 2016, as I would love to start with the other subjects CWAP, CWSP as early as possible next year, but if the other study guides are of the same quality I am not going to purchase the study guides and would pursue another vendor's specific training.

  • This is an issue we are addressing with our printer. The CWAP Study Guide is released with much better printing and all study guides should reflect that in the future as well. Thanks for mentioning this to us.

  • Thank you Tom for the feed back;

    But it does not solve my problem, i still got the useless study guide, I paid good money for it and would like a replacement for it either in pdf or print so that  I can continue my CWDP studies

  • Please contact for more help on that. Thanks.

  • Hi Tom

    I have already contacted them via e-mail on the 20th August 2016 regarding this with images attached of the poor print quality and no one has come back to me as yet.

    I have e-mailed them again now for the second time. Are they reading their e-mail?



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