• This was a very interesting exam and have learned a lot from the CWDP. 

    I plan on taking the CWAP next and was wondering if anyone had study hints for this one? Does it make sense to grab both new CWAP 402 and the previous CWAP (270?) books? 

     - Trevor

  • I have both the CWAP 402 and the previous CWAP (270).  The CWAP 270 seems to focus more on frame details but the new CWAP 402 study guide focuses more on troubleshooting that you would do on a day to day basis as a wireless professional.  My suggestion is to focus on the CWAP 402 guide.  The CWAP 270 could be useful to have as a reference.  If you have to take a deep dive into frames because of a wireless driver issue it could help.  

  • Thanks David. I ended up buying both the CWAP 402 and the CWAP 270 books. 

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