• Hi Guys ,

    As part of preparing for CWNA exam , I've been searching for a kindle version of it.

    Could someone help me out to find what is the latest edition for CWNA-106 exam which covers 802.11ac MU-MIMO topics.

    I'm trying to get a kindle version and I see "Fourth Edition" for CWNA - 106 in

    When I see the Book Cover in , I kind of assume it is second edition ( Can't read it properly ).

    Appreciate your inputs !!!


  • HI Devs,

    You're all set now, right?



  • All set Josie!!!

    Thank you

  • Hello Devs

    This post is some months old already, but I have some questions...

    I heard some comments about new books not being as good as the older ones



  • The new books are very focused on the exam. However, with that said, we have been working hard to update them to include features desired by readers, including:

    -Chapter end questions


    -Additional content

    As the books are updated and as new books are written, I'm sure you will hear more good things about them. We have heard the community and are working hard to give them tools for our certifications and their careers.


  • Devs,

    Re: topic "which covers 802.11ac MU-MIMO topics"

    (currently books do not cover this in detail).  

    To learn more in-depth about this technology I suggest to look here:  

    (WLPC conference "Under the hood" about MU-MIMO)

    Read Matthew Gast  .11ac survival guide, available online:

    and a recent webinar by Tom:

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