• Between the book , practice test and online elearning all brought from CWNP.... i am very frustrated with the formatting and lack of cohesiveness between the 3... different terms of used to explain same concepts.. has the editing team truly looked over each item and proof read it?

    . it has been very painful and frustrating due to lack of quality for the amount of money i spend..

    when are the updates going to come... as i am planning to sit for the cwdp exam in 2 weeks..

  • By Tom Carpenter - edited: March 17, 2016

    We are in the process of updating, editing and correcting the issues at this time. I'm afraid it will not be done in the next two weeks, however. If you have questions or concerns regarding your preparation, please feel free to contact me directly and I will help you in any way I can.

    I am available through the email address.



  • Thank you Tom, I appreciate it

    I had a good experience with the new CWSP book, practice tests

    I will be doing the second pool of practice test CWDP soon, and i will

    email you with all my concerns in one email

    Thanks for caring


  • Hi Tom

    I have sent an email to  requesting feedback on approx 10 CWDP practice exam questions



  • I just took and passed the CWDP and the test had just as many spelling and grammar mistakes as the book. I felt overall that it was WAY too easy of an exam. I love that I passed it, but I wanted more of a challenge and I think it being too easy will eventually devalue the certification. Common sense will get you a passing grade on it and if you've worked in wireless for any amount of time, you should be able to get a very high score

  • Thank you CJ and congrats to you

    Yes i was able to pass the exam first attempt with a 92% last month.  I personally thought the exam was practical and real world  (vs trying to test my memory)

    My first pain point was the practice tests which conflicted with my knowledge and experience as most of the solution explanations didn't make sense

    And since i don't have the memory of an elephant,  I lean on the the CWNP hard copy books for every day reference, and that is where i am frustrated with certain sections


  • By Howard - edited: April 27, 2016

    On first blush it also appeared to me that the CWAP material had less professional level material than the other two professional exams.   But overall I think it presents a lot of data that the normal wireless professional never sees.   I, for one, liked the (albeit brief) details about antenna construction.

    I think the volume could have been much more involved, especially about PHY characteristics (my primary focus), or information/communications theory, but I don't know how much that would help the average wireless installer, technician, or administrator who is actually getting or keeping things working.

    Such a certification could easily have gotten off into some very involved math, and I'm rather glad it didn't.

  • Any status on updated/corected CWDP materials?  In final prep and have been using the Sybex from previous version.  Been hesitant to purchase the latest book due to complaints. Always been a Sybex fan.  With all the tools they provide you always come away with confidence to take the test.  They have a good format.  I did pass CWSP with a good score using the Certitrek book.

    Thanks for any guidance. 


  • Passed the CWDP today.  

    I did end up buying the new test pool since I had the previous version test pool.  The surprise after my purchase of the NEW test pool was that I only REALLY got 1 NEW pool.  The 1st pool was basically recycled from the pool I already owned.  Not really happy about that.

    I also purchased the new CWDP ebook as well to read thru to cover any other material that I may be lacking.  Book was generally Okay but I do prefer the value that Sybex gives with their materials.  Just my $.02.

    So since March I have completed CWNA,CWSP, and CWDP.  Now on to CWAP.  


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