• Hello there,

    I noticed that the last post on CWSP forum was published on 2nd of June. Nothing new happened in more than 4 months?

    Nevertheless, I'm very pleased to say that I passed CWSP Exam today with the score of 88%.

    Many questions were really challenging.

    It was a lucky day because my CWNA had to be expired on coming Friday.

    Now a few days for delighting and than I have to think what's next. CWDP or CWAP?



  • Congratulations !

    Great score, and good timing  - I wasn't so lucky to beat the deadline.

    Do you pay for the exams yourself, or does your employer ?

  • Why are you asking that?

  • I'm trying to determine what percentage of employers are now paying for exams, what percentage are "letting" the employees pay for it themselves, and  what percent of employees are being reimbursed after they have passed.

    I've been watching this phenomenon since 2003, or so, both for industry overall, and as it relates to my own employers.

    Personally I have many certifications, only two of which have been paid for by an employer.

    Answers to questions like this also help me to advise others.

  • Ok, I understand. Fortunately I got my CWNA 3 years ago and CWSP training, as I remember last year paid by my employee.

    And for these 2 trainings I got voucher for the exam with the training materials. So I used it.

    In effect I can say exam was paid by my employee.

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