• Has anyone ever tried the CWNA practice test from Examforce?  I do not think they are a test dump? There are not many options out there for CWNA practice test.

  • If nobody else is going to answer you, I will. Even though I am no authority on this.

    Somewhere on this site (can't find it just now) there is a statement that says you are only allowed to use resources sanctioned by CWNP. So no brain dumps or cheat sheets. Only CWNP practice tests are kosher.

    Too bad I can't find it because I can't recall the wording. I have no idea how they could enforce such a ban, though. There are so many blogs and white papers out there. They certainly can't prohibit you from reading the books you like.

  • We do not evaluate products from organizations in relation to practice exams as there are far too many to consider. Some organizations do indeed use brain dumps and others simply pay subject matter experts to create practice exams. If you are uncertain, I would ask the organization what their method is for developing practice exams. If they are developed legitimately, there should be no concern in using them in addition to ours.

    Hope that helps.


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