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  • Will hidden nodes issue cause high re-transmission on both AP and STAs ?

  • By Howard - edited: February 14, 2017

    It could.  

    You don't say whether this was on one device or many.   Might you have cell phones operating in dark (RF wise) corners of the building ?

    Have you tried enabling RTS/CTS  ?    This is NOT a good (permanent) fix, but is useful for diagnosing the problem.   If you turn on RTS/CTS,  on the suspected device, and throughput increases you have confirmed the problem.     Try setting the threshold length to about 400 bytes, or even lower in a warehouse .

    Packet captures can help diagnose this too.

  • i also have problem with RTS.

  • Have you tried enabling CTS-to-Self instead of RTS/CTS ?

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