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  • I thought I had read some news that a new CWNA 107 test was coming spring 2017.  I also thought there were some posts about this in the forum.  I am not finding any information - is this not the case?  Tom - can you provide an update?

  • CWNA-107 will become a reality in 2017. An announcement is coming later this week.


  • Hi Tom,

    I am intending passing CWNA-106 in the next couple of months and I just read this topic. Since it has been several months that I am studying the CWNA-106 book, I will be very disappointed if this exam happens to be no longer available! :-(

    Should I be worried about passing the CWNA-106 as soon as possible? Any deadline regarding the upcoming version of CWNA-107 and EndOfLife of CWNA-106 exam?

    Thank you very much in advance for your reply.

  • CWNA-107 is currently scheduled for October so you should be fine.



  • Great! Thank you!

  • Hi Tom,

    Just want to check if I had passed CWNA-106 before October, is it valid for next 3 years ?

    Also after passing CWNA-106 (before October) , is it mandatory to pass CWNA-107 again for the next exams ( CWSP, CWDP, CWAP ) ?

    Thanks in advance !

  • Correct. Sathish.

    Regardless of changes in the exam after your certification, when you acquire the CWNA certification, it is good for three years. You will only be required to pass the CWNA exam again before the professional level certifications if you do not acquire a professional level certification within three years. Here is the general rule to remember:

    All professional level certifications (CWSP, CWAP and CWDP) renew a current CWNA status for three more years; however, professional level certifications do not renew each other.

    Therefore, a professional level certification will renew your current and valid CWNA for three more years, but to renew existing professional level certifications you must either take and pass the newest version of that exam or enroll in the continuing education program for that exam.

    I hope these details help.


  • Great to hear ! Thanks a lot Tom !

    Hoping to complete my CWNA-106 soon !

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