• what is the actual size if a wireless frame?  Is it best practice to enable jumbo frames on your wireless network?  I know a standard ethernet frame size is 1518 bytes. I've read that wireless can be anywhere from 0-2312 bytes and that not enabling jumbo frames can cause fragmentation of the packets.  Can anybody explain this to me please?  

  • HI. actually the largest size varies by 802.11 standards. Depending on features supported a WiFI frame can be up to 64K if frame aggregation is used as in 802.11n and 802.11ac. Modern enterprise AP has no problem of fragment such large packets and push them onto the wired side. They have CPU power to support that and each frame anyway needs to be translated form wireless format to wired format. You really want to have large frames support on the wireless side to reduce the overhead of the mac header and the required ACK for each frame and the arbitration process. But miot packets are less than 500 bytes except for file downloads and video streaming.

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    There is a book called 802.11 Wireless Hands-on-Analysis by Byron Putnam ( Warning: see my other comments on this book here in the forums) which goes into many of the calculation and considerations of frame length.

    Updated with the latest specs, you should find it very useful.

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