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    There are also the RF-Explorer units from Nuts About Nets at:

    Anritsu makes some great gear, if you can afford it.    Nowhere as near as expensive as R & S though.

    At work, we have the an MT8860B, several MT8860C's, an MT8870, and hopefully soon the MT8862A..    We also have the Anritsu full Blue Tooth model, but I don't recall its model #.

    And unfortunately, I'm sure there's more of their gear at my company that I don't know about too.   

    Some kids don't want to share their toys.

  • Realistically, most clients and folks don't need sophisticated, involved toolsets.(e.g., MS2760A)

    But as a technogeek, it is really cool and exciting.

    More importantly, allows one to perform HaLow (new acronym out there now but eludes me at this time); emergency; IoT; cellular; 802.11ad; and my pet interest for outdoors ---> those pesky utility poles and transmission lines.

    Don't know if you were at the CWNP conference and saw my presentation, but pesky utility poles and transmission lines are definitely sources of spurious emissions ---> especially when power for the WAP is from the utility pole transformer no more than 6 feet away.  Also, in their infinite wisdom, this client utilized omnidirectional antennas for this exterior WAP.

    Also, AT&T is the first to have their WiGig in Test Phase (right now) on the utility poles; 5 GHz unlicensed frequencies that I am dying to see how it interacts with 802.11 a/n/ac 5 GHz.  AT&T WiGig has better antennas than any vendor's 802.11 a/n/ac equipment.

    Thanks for the input on the Ubiquity M5.  Maybe I will get one or two rather than another Indoor 5 GHz Ubiquity.

    Curious to see how far I can reach with this in both LOS and NLOS ...

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