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    Does any single device have a spectrum analysis, protocol analysis and wireless throughput testing? If so, can it be made simple enough that an end user click "start test" then just walk the halls to collect the data for analysis?

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  • Take a look at the Netscout Aircheck, that is about as close as you will get to those requirements.

    It is a great piece of kit, I would recommend it.  We have the first generation version.

    I have given it to a nurse to survey a children's ward, where it would have been intrusive for me to go into the single patient rooms.

    The software to download the results a must have, then you can then produce reports and export to a spreadsheet.

    It is my `go to` tool, that's first out of the bag. Followed by AirPCAP or SpecturmXT. I have not touched AirMagnet SiteSurvey since getting it!

    Also because it's a professional piece of test equipment, clients respect the results.

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    I also have the original Aircheck model, and it definitely is a handy-dandy tool.    Especially for locating client devices with the optional directional antenna.    Their model G2 looks even better, but I haven't tried one yet..

    Ekahau's new product, Sidekick, does even more.    If I were performing this type of work I would absolutely demand one of these.   Check them out - I'm sure you'll be impressed.     Not a horrible price either.

    Not too long after I posted this, I got an email from Ekahau announcing a webinar titled "Why Upgrade
    to Ekahau Sidekick™".    It will be on Nov. 2 at 12:00 PM   EDT

    You can register here:

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